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I haven’t taken mdma in nearly 2 months, NASS FESTIVAL IS GOING TO BE FUCKING AMAZING.

Holy fucking shit. This photo makes me laugh so much! #talktofrank #rave #ketamine #speed #khole #warehouserave (Taken with Instagram)

Maddest combo last night; coke, ketamine, MDMA, mcat and ‘mystery white powder’, it was so sick, spesh when you’re rushing from drone and k hole!

ketamine makes psytrance sound orgasmic

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dudeshettie asked:
I'm not sure you know about this but do you know of any underground dubstep thing happening in London on the 23rd june. It begins with S and i totally forgot what it was called!! Went to a festival and this dude on MDMA told me about it and asked me to come! But these things seem to be so hush that i can't find out about it

oooh, well i know of two then but not any dubstep ones.. only psy, apart from earthquake? but it’s really dodgy

Anonymous asked:

No fuck off

Anonymous asked:
You just search around for websites selling them, most are shit but MXE was mental, like a crazy version of ket and aMT is like a cross between speed and a mild mushroom trip.

Ahhh that sounds so sick! I tried one of drone I think :)

hella-short asked:
I wish I lived in the UK i wanna get high with you, it seems like it would be awesome!

Haha ;D where do you live?

Man I love ketamine.

goberzerkandfightwithanut asked:
Hey! I was just searching for some parties/clubs/raves I could go to while I'm in London over the summer, and a post of yours popped up! Do you have any suggestions as to where my friends and I could go?

Sure :) erm there’s one every weekend so just tell me when you wanna go and I’ll let ya know!